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I am also a victim of GIP's illegal practices! It has been a year since I published and they refuse to return my calls or emails.

I am exploring the idea of a class action law suite. Please like my FB page, Authors Against GIP so we can work together for justice!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I was also scammed by Green Ivy Publishing. The last contact I had was with a Brittani S, an editor, in May of 2017.

Come to find out that they are out of business, I feel sick to my stomach. If there are any law suits, please let me know because I sooooo want in


I was also a victim and would like to see a class action suit. Please contact me if this happens.


I am too a victim of Green Ivy Publishing. Is there a lawsuit I can join to take action against them.Tony BaranE: anthonybaran76@yahoo.comP) 832-445-9871


I have the same complaints as other authors - no royalties and unable to get any information as to what happened to my Copyright. Am all in for a class action lawsuit. Contact arhow@att.net.

to Arthur R. Howard #1510004

Hello Arthur,I am all for the class action law suit. I'm out almost $4,000, not to mention my Mother has not received any royalties from the books that have been sold.


Green Ivy Books ripped me off fro $4,000.00 They are crooks and should be in prison.Don To of South Dakota


You're not alone, go to the following website, and share your experience with a large group of us, who've all fell victim to the big "Green Ivy Scam." These people are serious criminals!


to Steve #1412600

Hi. I am also being scammed by green ivy Publishing.

My book was published over a year ago and no royalties or communication. I do not go on Facebook and would like information if a class action suit is filed


Hi there! Same here!

These people took for granted a now topselling 5 star book and I have yet to see a second check from them. (since April 2016) I need info on a suit or taking some type of legal action. Please follow me on twitter or message me any info.

Thanks! -Dez Marie https://twitter.com/TheDezzzMarie


Green Ivy Publishing has gone out of business and taken any and all royalties with them on their way out! Robert Gray's slanderous remarks regarding his authors only enrage me further!

I intend to continue to pursue this matter! If you are interested in joining in on a class action law suit, please join the Facebook group Authors Against Green Ivy Publishing.

to Maria-barrett #1389238

Hello Maria my name is Berwin West. I published a book with green ivy back in September of 2016 and since then I have had some of the same problems as all of the other authors that published with them.

I can't get anyone on the phone and the last time I spoke with J. Caliendo, he was very rude and told me that I was not to call him because Ruth Howe was my point of contact. I would love to join a class action law suit against GREEN IVY PUBLISHING and I would like to speak to you directly if that's possible.

Please reach out to me at bwestcertified@yahoo.com. it's not right what they have done but it's good to know that I'm not alone and I believe that together we can get some Justice.

to Maria-barrett #1412602

Hi Maria. I’m not on Facebook or Twitter but would like to join your class action suit authors against green ivy publishing please get in contact with me at CACECIL 369@gmail.com

to Maria-barrett #1438322

Please contact me if a GIP class action suit has been filed. I would like to participate.

Judy Veccia author of Sweet Love Ella's Story 8/17No return contact. Not a penny of royaltiesjaoveccia@gmail.com


Anyone who posted a good review of Green Iv y Publishers with them is either employed by them or hasn't had any contact with them since the publication of their book. After your book is published you will not be able to contact them or receive any information about your book sales.

I did have a lengthy letter from Robert Gray, the owner, stating that the reason they are closing is because of the harassment from it's "authors" and the slanderous comments made by us. The complaints that were made were the same from all of us.

We have been cheated plain and simple!!

Their website is still up so I am wondering just how many MORE people will *** just like we did. What I want to know is this....If the company has closed just who collects the money when our books do sell?

to Frances Ptts #1378653

Please join our FB group Authors Against Green Ivy Publishing. We are sharing information on our search for justice! There you will also find information about how to transfer your manuscript to Ingram for printing and royalty mgmt.

to Maria Barrett #1389247

I have posted a couple of reviews myself and I will reiterate one thing I said. GREEN IVY IS JUST A BIG STUMBLING BLOCK THAT WILL SERVE AS A MAJOR STEPPING STONE ON OUR (authors scammed by GIP) ROAD TO SUCCESS.

I want us all to stand together and bring GREEN IVY to Justice. Just as I do for myself, I want everyone affected by GIP to get what is rightfully theirs.

GIP have not just stolen our hard earned money, but they are a dark low disappointment to our bright high hopes and a night mare to our dreams. But they will not kill our spirit and they can not avoid Justice.


I am also angry at GIP for not responding to any of my requests for royalty payment or even report. Jay was absolutely rude last year and I receive a small check, but not report.

That was in October. Since then I have been unable to reach anyone.

I would like to burn their proverbial butts. How can I help?


I paid Green Ivy but after the 1st editing they are not answering my emails after saying in May that they hd sent my book form2nd editing. My book has not yet been published!

I want to sue them. Is there a group of writers who had the same problem wth these people?

to Anonymous #1361609

I was also scammed by this company. Jay Caliendo owes me money for not publishing my book.

Now they have closed down and I'm out of 3500.00 dollars. If anyone can help me find an attorney to take my case it will be very much appreciated.

to Anonymous #1378649

Please join the FB group Authors Against Green Ivy Publishing. We are working as a group to share information about our efforts to seek justice in this matter!

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