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I know that my book is selling but I have no way of tracking the number of books sold. To say the least, this is a major set back and a big let down for me, but I refuse to stop chasing my dreams and goals.

It's a shame to know that there are dirty people in the world such as the ones at GREEN IVY PUBLISHING. I wasted so many kind words on them when I spoke with them on the phone and I don't mean to offend any religion or athiests, but God bless you and have a blessed day was among some of those kind words. You may be able to elude people here on earth, but you can never duck and dodge GOD. I shared some of my hopes and dreams with them concerning my book as well as my kids future that was to be impacted by my book.

I have a passion for writing and anyone who shares that same passion knows that it is so much more than just a hobby. Writers are artists in their own right and everything we write comes from our heart and soul. I want to take the time to tell anyone who has been schamed by GREEN IVY PUBLISHING or any other publishing company with the same evil and dirty intentions to not give up. I encourage you to keep doing what you are doing because whether you know it or not, you are an inspiration and you have so many people who look up to you.

This is not just a stumbling block on your way to success, it's a stepping stone as well. I pray that GREEN IVY PUBLISHING gets the proper punishment they deserve and just like I pray for myself, anyone dealing with the same issue I'm dealing with, receives their blessing in the end

Product or Service Mentioned: Green Ivy Publishing Publishing Service.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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